A Big Week for Christians & Couples

Hale Park exterior in Spring

A Big Week for Christians & Couples

Christians are involved in their faith in ways both large and small, in this big week of the calendar. You know the story: Christ is crucified, risen from the dead and will rise again to sit at the right hand of His Father. I always wondered how the generational divide worked out after being crucified…

Death and new life

Joking aside, it is a big week for Christians – and couples also. The Easter break with its almost unavoidable themes of death and new life is an important time for reflection on where one is going with one’s life and one’s partner. For uncommitted couples marriage is inevitably part of that thinking, even if rejected!

Big week at Hale Park Weddings

It’s a big week at Hale Park Weddings too, as we gear up for our first Grand Wedding Fair on 28th April – and possibly our last if you don’t come along! We have a lot of regional suppliers lined up and the Church that is in the garden will be bedecked with flowers and open for tours. A Grand Wedding Fair is a partnership between St.Mary’s church, Hale and Hale Park Weddings. The unique thing about the relationship is that the church is in the garden of the venue. Couples can book St.Mary’s Church and Hale Park separately as normal; or together and have a very short walk from the wedding service, through the garden, to the wedding breakfast.

People you need to know

At the Grand Wedding Fair we will have people who make hats, bake cakes, create grooves, provide gorgeous cars, drive Lipizzaner and Arab horses attached to a carriage, create floral displays, supply dresses, brew beer, distil gin, supply wines and take photographs of everything! There will be refreshments of course. And that’s not mentioning Hale’s Angels and church tours and, of course, good weather because, well, optimism rules!

Come along! We must meet there! Here’s where you can find out all the details for our Grand Wedding Fair, and even more on our Hale Park Weddings Instagram. Or just show up to Hale Park, Hampshire SP6 2RF between 11am and 4pm Sunday 28th April.

Sloan Hickman

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