Autumn wedding memories made by warm colours and soft light.

New England USA is not the only place with ‘Fall Color’, as they call it there. Autumn paints Hale Park with crimson, reds and russets. Intense greens have a last fling and scintillating skies cover all with soft light.

The Colour of love

Vivid Virginia Creeper at Hale Park

Vivid Virginia Creeper at Hale Park

A couple came to the door the other day to view the space we have at Hale Park. Like many other couples, they were looking at a wedding in September/October time. The weather was glorious, the sunny sky given dramatic emphasis by a moving cloudscape of glowing white. The Copper Beech tree was just turning from the deep red of summer to its autumnal orange. The Azalea maze was giving its second display of the year. The first being the riot of coloured flowers as each bush explodes all at once in the Spring and another as the leaves turn different shades of orange, red and brown. It is just like that now!

Autumn light is soft and flattering

Hale Park with Autumn skies ablaze

Hale Park below stunning Autumn skies

The light is much kinder at this time of year and the huge skies above Hale Park are more side-lit by a lower sun. The shadows give the landscape a definition and form unnoticed in the harder light of summer. The autumn light is flattering on the curves of the face and body giving everyone a healthy glow.

Brides in autumn florals

Bride with Autumn bouquet at Hale Park

Seasonal bouquets ©Kismet Photography

Flowers in Autumn are subtle and bouquets and arrangements can be coordinated to deep, intense colour palettes that set off the perfect white dress. The warm shades of Autumn are bold accents for brides that choose white and a stunning complement to dresses of other shades. The Virginia Creeper on the south west corner of the house turns a deep, vibrant red in Autumn and there is so much of it that a clever designer could plunder the leaves for bouquets and arrangements as some of the amazing partners we work with have.

Why not wrap up and come and see Hale Park in its Autumn glory and with thanks to Kismet Photography for this post’s cover photograph.


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