Commitment is the star in an act of love, laughter and rekindled relationships.

Bride and Groom commit at Hale Park weddings

It’s all about commitment

St. Valentine’s Day has been and gone. His fleeting visit, sustaining or dashing hope, is always a welcome event in an intense calendar of emotions where days are measured in texts and weeks in dates. It all culminates in a glorious outpouring of love, laughter, tears and commitment and that is where we come in.

A ring on her finger at Hale Park Weddings
The ring – an enduring symbol of love

Setting the stage

Hale Park Weddings understands and embraces its responsibilities as the stage for this production. We are the atmosphere, the anticipation, the in-drawn breath of “oh it’s beautiful”; and then the warm enveloping hug of a setting for love stated; friendships rekindled, and forgiveness given. So it is for the guests and witnesses to that very public commitment of a Bride and Groom. They must stand in front of all their loved ones, tall and strong, binding themselves to this person for ‘as long as I shall live’.

Wedded bliss in black and white at Hale Park weddings
The happy couple embrace

Behind the scenes

And it takes organisation and behind the scenes talent and skills to put on this production, just like any other. Though this is a one-day performance only and must stand for the rest of a life. No detail is too small for Hale Park Weddings and Bellissimo wedding planners. Every supplier carefully chosen then briefed, checked and drilled. All clever effects tested and rehearsed; lighting organised; staff vetted; furniture and crockery inspected. And that’s just the breakfast. There are flowers, transport and stationery perhaps. And the all-important photographer to record the dream unfolding and make it real for both future generations and for the guests who can say,” I was there. I witnessed that commitment to love”.

Bride and groom embrace beneath the Hale Park canopy
Beneath Hale Park’s canopy

Commitment can be hard work!

The efforts to achieve quality and quiet organisation by Hale Park and Bellissimo shines a spotlight on these two lovers coming together as one in front of all their friends and families. Everything that can be perfect will be perfect and St.Valentine will be there in spirit with us, demonstrating the concept that love requires both commitment and valour.


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