A Venue with a View – a View to a Romance.

A bride and groom on Hale Park balcony

We think it is important that a couple can take a step back, a moment out of their busy wedding day, to pause and look out at creation. To look at what nature created right in front of our eyes. To know that, on that day, in this place, bride, sister, cousin, friend can pause their life and just breathe in this view. This is a unique hill in the New Forest and the view is tremendous. There is nowhere else that can cause one to stop…and just look and breathe.

Here it is: Hale Park Weddings is the only venue with a view like this.

Hale Park view from wedding reception rooms

The view from Hale Park House © Lydia Stamps Photography

The grassy slope falling towards the river Avon. Then across to the water meadows established in the 18th Century by the same Dutchman who built the water meadows in Salisbury, reputed to be the first in England. Beyond those, the view opens to fields and cows; meadows and trees; green and verdant LIFE! As far as the eye can see, the view opens to your horizon.

The view from the house

Bride looks over Hale Park grounds

The view from Hale Park reception room’s grand stairway (pre-decoration) © Kismet Photography.

That is only looking to the South. Turn your head West towards Salisbury and Clearbury Ring, an Iron Age hill fort, is visible. Younger than Stonehenge but still BC! Look East from the garden steps at Hale Park, the vista reveals the formal gardens built in the old Deer Park. If one had a very quiet wedding, one might see some deer and hare running about but it hasn’t happened yet! Your party may have spilled into this area now, so the view will become more restricted in depth but far more interesting in detail.

The romantic view

The topiary around the larger pond is cut by one man and comes out of his head. It is lucky he is an artist and a fantasist. The Copper Beech tree provides plenty of shade thanks to the deer chewing a careful browse line of the lower branches. The California Redwood or Giant Sequoia, is an example of the largest plant in the world, though this one is barely a teenager. There are other small spaces, hidden spots and secret views to discover.  There truly is something inspiring in nature and Hale Park satisfies our need for this wherever you look.

We’d love to share our view with you, why not come for a visit and enjoy it yourself.

With thanks to Lydia Stamps Photography for our title image, captured on one of Hale Park’s balconies while the fragrant Wisteria was in full bloom.

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