Hiring the Drawing Rooms and Gardens at Hale Park is easy and good value. All the fixed costs of the day are included: after all, one cannot do without a roof, loos, power, water, parking and somewhere for the Bride to change!

Everything is on one site here. You and your guests will arrive down the Lime Tree avenue and the day and space is yours in which to be solemn, be happy, be fed and be entertained!

It should be noted that the electric power is 3-phase with both 32A and 16A feeds. This eliminates the need for expensive and noisy generators if one wants a marquee space outside; simply run a cable from the house!

The price is £5,700 including V.A.T.

Make up brushes all set to help the blushing bride prepare for her Hale Park wedding


Bridal Changing

This is included in the price. There is a suite of rooms for Brides to change into their wedding dress and to have a calm oasis away from all the setting up and running about by suppliers that is inevitable before a busy wedding. It comprises of a large lounging area with a make-up station in one corner; a small day bedroom that can be closed off for actual changing or for lying down quietly; a kitchen with a kettle, tea, coffee, fridge and microwave; and a bathroom. On the first floor, it is reached up some external stairs at the back of the South Wing. It is available the day of the Ceremony only; it must be cleared before the evening festivities.

A piano at the Hale Park wedding reception



These are included in the price and are a major cost saving. Hale Park has real toilets available for events thus eliminating the need to pay for or suffer porta-loos. There is a “pissoir” for lads only in the old Gardener’s loo, with a sink and mirror. And there is a set of three unisex stalls for both ladies and gents just beyond the pissoir in the stables below the South Wing. This has a hang-out area also and is very different to your average toilet!

Champagne on ice at the reception


Corkage & Relaxed Hire Periods

These are included in the price. Here at Hale Park we believe that corkage is a BAD tax on honest drinkers. There are no corkage fees. Also, we understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor will your wedding! Hale Park is flexible about delivery, build-up and tear down within reason. However if there is an event on an adjacent weekend then there will have to be a schedule.

Camping Options

Hale Park offers two camping options, you can find the details below. Please note that camping options are in addition to the general price above.

Hale Park grounds looking toward Wiltshire]


Tents for hire

A row of matching style tents along the rear edge of the garden by the Ha-ha. This is likely to be behind the marquee, if there is one. These will be hired in so the price will be per tent; Hale Park will charge a flat service fee of £240 including VAT. They should be matched in style because they will likely be in all the exterior pictures! They will be available for the night of the wedding only and will use the included loos in the stables. No personal tents. No shower.

St Marys church oak tree and Wiltshire views


Bring your own tents

Regular, own tent camping out in the snowdrop field. There will be a fire pit and wood, a festival style toilet and car parking, as a minimum. Bring your own breakfast! Up to 3 nights available. Additionally, there can be a shower trailer and a generator. Cost will vary depending on facilities and guest numbers. No unsupervised children. Take away what you bring: no rubbish service. Leave no trace.

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